D-Miny Hair Design

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Who Is D-Miny ?

An Artist is Born

Ana Paz is the owner of D-Miny Hair Design, she is a long time professional cosmetologist who loves having anything to do with your hair ! As a young girl Ana would love playing with her sisters hair and just about anyone who would let her get her hands in their hair. From cutting it , to styling it she would do just about anything to anyone who let her. As she grew older she embraced her passion for hair styling and graduated from the Los Angeles Beauty School. After this she started off working at smaller salons and after about 10 years of working for someone else she decided it was time to open her very own salon. 


D-Miny Hair Design is about as unique and original as it gets. Ana named her salon after her daughters Dalila and Minerva. D-Miny Hair Salon was originally Opened in May 2007 where it started off as a very small salon, in 2008 D-Miny went through a huge makeover and expanded to a full service salon, which it still is today.

Our Goal

Here at D-Miny what truly matters to us is that everyone leaves feeling beautiful and confident in themselves. Natural beauty is a blessing, but having your hair done always makes one feel like the Belle of the Ball, and that is our goal. We want our clients to come in and tell us what they want and leave fully satisfied with the service they received.